AcompliSo Microsoft is very determining in setting the stage on iOS and Android grounds. As their recent step is the most evident one on the miles to go. On the following week of Thanks giving there were many news revolving and this was the news that grabs our attention. The premature leak of the blog about obtaining this e-mail app, provide it some good hype however, Microsoft confirm the leak just yest.

Microsoft buys Acompli a mailing app for further enhancing user’s experience of Office mails on android and iPhone, iPads. Just few weeks have gone when they released Microsoft Office as an iPhone and iPad app and recently announced to bring Office on Android.

In our world major portion of the emails are reviewed on a mobile device, it was very crucial to give people this sort of experience. Acompli is supporting Exchange and now it will support Office 365. And will allow the access to all the e-mail messages in these too. What we love about this application is that how it focuses on what’s important in the inbox, it shows emails and calendars on the very same screen which helps you schedule meetings and message when you are getting late, and how you work with attachments and files. The best thing about Acompli is how it brings all the email services together and let you sort your messages on the bases of priority and with the basic agenda is getting things done. The interesting part is that, there are no such plans to discontinue support for rival’s email services in Acompli application. Like this app supports Exchange, Gmail and Google app, Yahoo and iCloud.

We won’t be expecting such incentive from Microsoft two years back but after this acquisition we can picture that they are taking mobile space very seriously, and trying to give its competitors a tough hand with their recent actions.


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