Wire A New Calling And Messaging App From The Founders of Skype

Skype was launched few decays ago but still in use on most of the devices in the world. But I guess Skype is unable to catch up on the latest technologies like we still have problem connecting call and voices issues. Many of other callings apps are present in the market like Viber, Tango and so on. Whats App and Facebook messengers are the mostly used messaging apps right now.

I think one more addition on the list won’t harm anyone. And so here we have Wire another option for communicating and sharing media which is clearly not Skype replace. But something that offer better communication and connections. It is already available on Apple store and Google play, this rolled out for iOS, OS X and android making it and application for smartphones, tablets, iPads and Desktop. Well this move is definitely a very brilliant one as they have made wire available to all the users on every platform; definitely it will have bigger user’s number.

As far as I have learn it works rather smoothly and doesn’t have clumsiness which most of the communication apps possess. After downloading the application setting an account is a piece of cake and after all the formalities you are good to go. It offers you to share all kind of media whether, pics, videos, music or making a voice calls; it also allows you to share YouTube videos plus sounds tracks from sound clouds. Wire dark design and sleek UI is another feature to stand out, the color palette used is really contemporary with cool navigation. Group messaging is also present side by side one on one; you can also send and receive voice messages for which they use amazing technology.

Wire is produce in the hands of experts, the team is truly star studded, including former worker from Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and Skype. We can surely have great expectations from this as it a gem polished by the greatest gem smiths.

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