Facebook Brings Graph Search For The Trillions Of Users

Facebook the widely used social network is bringing new edition to its wall or you can say making it better for the users. Nearly after two years of the launch on desktop of “graph search” finally it is going to glorify the mobile users from this feature.

The added feature is quite cool on the bases of searching and helps the user search with keywords. It’s easy and fun and more accurately time saving too. How it works is more in the natural way search bar works, put a keyword in the bar and get your results. For example you are willing to check out your friend’s birthday pics, all you need to do is to put her name like:

“Clara’s birthday pics” the search result will have all the results targeting the keywords. This search is obviously privacy proof, it only enable those results which the users have allowed to be shown and in which your friends have interacted in some manner, this means if you have posted something publically there are mere chances that a stranger will find that in his search result. Even if you want to find out about the Facebook apps your friends use you can search that too.

Finding something on just focusing on key words is spectacular, like even if you wanted to search about something on “on-going” events or news, the result will show you what your friends have mentioned about that particular topic.This searching feature is a kind of mingle of twitter and Google both but more constant. This update will be first going to be accessible on iPhones from the next week.

Previously launched Graph API for Facebook app developers help them to extract data in and out of the Facebook and now this graph search although both of them have no connection but it shows the measures it is taking to make this a finer social network. It has a lot of space in improving and has shown quite strong evidence of improving from past decay and still showing considerable measures to make the users more facilitative.


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