Don’t Make Your Application To Get Covered In Piles Of Dusts

client-mobile-appYou have a clear idea now that how popular mobile phones are these days like every single thing is on the phone. Like “EVERYTHING” and applications have taken the form of a storm the app stores are flooded with them, in such a condition you have to take serious majors for enhancing the life cycle of your development.

For instance, keeping thing with the user feedback, you need a serious look at these. Feedback will tell you about how it’s keeping with the people using. There are some analytical tools for the very same purpose and will give you full analysis. The mobile app builder should be super-fast with bug fixes. Don’t linger around on the bug too long it will kill the user’s interest and will definitely cause in the popularity. Make your goal to launch the app with full clarity and no loop holes that you plan on getting fixed after the launched in first update. Big fixes or updates just after the launch make people think that why shouldn’t have they done in first place.

Secondly the biggest mistake is to make you app restricted to one platform. More platforms mean more consumers, and more consumers’ means good popularity and better rating. So it’s smart to make your application eligible to multi-platform, other advantage I can think of as a multi platform mobile development is that particular OS target same sort of users and they might end up not liking your app but if its available on various OS then definitely different kind of people will get intact with the application and chances are some of them will like.

Zillions of applications are uploaded on App stores and most of them just directly slip in trash, and surely clever people don’t want that with their mobile application.

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