Google Blocked Almost Thousand Of WordPress Websites Surrounded By Malware Campaign

soaksoakMany of the WordPress websites were amid by malware and because of such vulnerability Google has to block them. According to security company Sucuri as much as 1100 WordPress domain were infected by this malware causing damage to almost 100,000 websites. Google has blacklisted those domains and blocked the websites to avoid further damage. This malware campaign is from

This basically use the vulnerability present in the WordPress plugin “RevSlider” and the modifies the flies in the WordPress installation and loads JavaScript malware. RevSlider is mostly used in WordPress sites and most of the website owners won’t even know that they are using this plug-in. The only way to save the vulnerability is to modify the plug-in but the problem is it’s as easy as sounds. The modification itself a hassle, not everyone is able to do because that’s a primer plug-in and sometimes turn into a disaster for the website owner.

Sucuri were concerned about the vulnerability and mention it two months previously and now they confirmed it yesterday. But the vulnerability was disclosed by some underground forum. The estimate affected websites can be hundreds of thousands. What this malware do to a visitor is to send him to a new page where it starts to download the infection to computers. To stop such large scale damage Google have taken this initiative to block all those websites and black list all the domains. Sucuri said that they have warned WordPress in May about the vulnerability and they think it has a bog security with 4 more plug-in vulnerability.

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