App Store Optimization The Antidote To Zombie Apps

app-store-iconOn a rough estimate there are almost 90 % new publishers every day on the app stores, can you guess how many apps are built every day? I surely don’t know the exact number but it is quite a big number. With this percentage of new apps I wonder how many are reached out to the users and how many are dumped in apps stores with not even a single downloads?

As a rough estimate almost 60% apps on Apple app store, 41% on Google play and 69 % on Windows Phone are almost dead, this is kind of a norm for a user. As a user’s perspective I always want to give a shot to those which seems functional and appealing to my requirements, but for a marketer this fact is truly shocking and depressing, because when a marketer is promising his customer popularity of application, there is this small part in him which is afraid that it might not get a single download. Does this mean that abundant apps development on various platforms is unworthy? No not really the antidote or the cure you need is “ASO” meaning App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization is simply the techniques and strategies for your application to increase the visibility in the app store. When you get your hands on a smartphone, you start swimming in the ocean of the app stores with the waves of mobile development. Getting the rating is very difficult and positive rating like 4 or 5 stars is even the most difficult task on the planet. But app store optimization helps you in get rating and downloads.

There are obviously different methodologies of ASO for different platform and it’s wise enough to use them according to the platform requirement. Apple and google play both have entirely unlike algorithms. Even before the development one should determine the marketing process for great optimization.

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