Three Ways To Find The Viability Of Your App

You have this amazing idea for and mobile development and you are all set to jump into development process, done with all documentation and find your perfect software company to get it done. But before everything you should check the viability of your idea, do you think people will just love to get their hands on your creation and what about the market research? You need to get your facts rights before any first option.

Step no 1: Wide audience or small niche:

You should make your mind that if you are going to target micro niche audience for your mobile application or wider. What niche your mobile development is going to fill in the market, example smaller audience like a test preparation for the students at the medical school radiology department, ”to do” list with cloud compatibility which is definitely going to focus on many people. Greater audience means tough competition and small niche means less competition but great quality app.

Step no 2: what is happening on app stores:

Get a clear idea what is happening on the app stores for a betterment of your application. If you are planning to make an application on your cities famous sites and must visit places, check what are the top rated apps are there for the same purpose, what they lack and what they don’t, make a list of all the important things not to miss on your creation. People do buy paid apps, and if they are paying find what the factor is attracting them so much, they are happily paying. Find it out and try to produce something extra ordinary.

Step 3: examine your idea as per demand:

Before the actual development you can test your idea by just making a landing page and start a small ad campaign, take a deep look at the results, see how many people visited your page and how many actually press the download button. Google ad word and Facebook marketing is great way to drive traffic, offer them your prototype and a presentation of your application. This process doesn’t cost you much, yet the information drive from it is very essential and quite great for the sake of your application.

Surely the mobile world is overly crowded but people still crave for good applications, better things always make their own space. If your MVP succeeds, put it in the actual development, see the potential of your idea and keep expanding it.

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