No Kidding! Facebook’s WhatsApp Has A Desktop Version Now!!

WhatsappUndoubtedly you are one of the 600 million users of WhatsApp, and here is very good news for you, WhatsApp has a desktop version. There is definitely a new way of messaging to your pals without hanging on your phone and desperate for Wi-Fi connection going anywhere. This is like awesome news and made my day.

This desktop is basically web app and I am just amazed that what a great idea it is too think of web app development, they definitely nailed it. Last October when Facebook owned WhatsApp in 19 billion dollar bill, since then all the users were anticipated about what will Facebook do to WhatsApp and most of the users like me don’t want the feel to change. And to be honest they didn’t change the original feel of this mobile app development but certain boost many of great features like voice notes, on chat camera more privacy and easy sharing options.

You can visit the link to desktop where you are provided with an A QR code for the verification purpose from your mobile app and that’s all you need to do before start texting from this web app. The only thing required by the user is to keep his Phone connected to internet while the whole time he is using web app. This is the problem Facebook is working on but it is necessary to mirror conversation on mobile in the beginning state. For now you can only use Chrome as web browser and this version only work with Android phone, and I think this is also a matter of time thingy, soon iOS users can avail this facility too. Definitely WhatsApp will have increased number of user as cross device app is going to be very fruit full.

Phone: (650) 989-4492
Address: 11907 NORTH GARDEN ST, HOUSTON TX 77071

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