You Can Escape On Your Work With Facebook At Work

Facebook at workAlmost 6 months ago Facebook shows some intentions to build something for people at work. This social network wanted to expand its hand to businesses and entrepreneur but there is something similar to its version present already for entrepreneur like Jive, Social cast and Yammer (which now a part of Microsoft). Entrepreneur category is already present with us from past decade trying a little hard for them to embrace social networking.

Coming back to the product they just launched yesterday and that is “Fb@work” specifically known as “Facebook at Work”, we heard the buzz almost 6 months back but the actual pilot is now available for public, and later today the mobile app of this version will be at hands on for iOS on Apple app store and for Android on Google Play Store. This is along with the version accessible from web of Facebook at work, which will let all the businesses to create their very own social network among their employees which individually act like original Facebook. Launched as a free app but this version will still require an official invite to the participating businesses and after that they can sing-up an ad and subscription free Facebook version. It is going to connect all the employees on one platform and separated from the outer world but still owner of account can connect this specific profile with other accounts in his possession.

Though they haven’t revealed many of the screen shots or other descriptions but for the matter of fact there will be some of Facebook primary services already present like notifications, messages and events, it just my rough guess but there are very bright chances that they will start Facebook at work apps very soon, so the companies already in the field should feel blessed as they’re going to extra business on their door step in form of Facebook at work app development. Jumping in the cooperate world with this initiative is very smart of Facebook I think and it shows how agile it is and going to move in all the direction with whole baggage it already possess.

Phone: (650) 989-4492
Address: 11907 NORTH GARDEN ST, HOUSTON TX 77071

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