Sad That Windows 7 Free Supports Ends Now

Windows_7_logoIf you are using windows 7 and your computer was running perfectly on windows 7 but alas yesterday was Jan 13th that means Microsoft has stopped the free support. It doesn’t mean that your computer will abruptly stop function and it will crash but surely you aren’t going to supplied by free support and help if occurs any problem, which was offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft is very desperate to move users to windows 8 which is currently the latest version of windows, released in 2011 at CES. And previous year accord to surveys windows 7 was the one occupying most of the desktop where XP and windows 8 were neck to neck. But this change came as Microsoft wanted the latest version of windows to be rolled on to most of the desktop before their new version of windows i.e. Windows 10 will arrive later this year. Windows 7 were considered to be the best of windows and after the most buggy one that was vista users take it as a blessing and after the released in 2009 it was sold over 100 million copies in just 6 months, it was way better than the previous and adopted very quickly and as mention above windows 7 is still running on almost half on world’s PCs.

As from yesterday the mainstream free support has been removed for everyone, and only extend support is available means that Microsoft will charge for additional help and support. This doesn’t mean that your computer is at security risk and vulnerable to hackers, Microsoft will continue to patch security issues, if you are still sticking to windows 7 your computer won’t turn into honey for hacker bees.

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