Backend As Services: A Hit Or Miss

backend-icon-215The backend is needed as a back bone of any mobile application, it’s like something every important but can’t be seen, this sort of development requires hell loads of time, but this is the main frame which has all the data, information and every possible detail and logics needed by the application. Many of the start ups and businesses uses custom made development solution made by their developers or ready-made solutions, but most of the people uses a popular alternative that is “backend-as-a-services”, which provides a pre-built back end APIs, so that developers can conduct data modeling of application and specify it in back end-as-a-services aka BaaS.

Every solutions has its own flexibilities and limitation, so BaaS also has some pros and cons depending on the situation you are working in and how you are using it. And some of general pros and cons of Baas are as follows.


  • As this is fairly a new market it is expending and trending, the constant growth is a very positive feature, according to the market analysis this will be a very in demand market till 2017.
  • You can save plenty of time as back end development is very time taking does everything quite monotonously for the developer but this Baas is just a plugged-in which definitely helps the job to be done in a faster way.
  • Developer can finally concentrate on front end and user experience as this is a fast solution provider.
  • The option of off-the-shelf back end-as-a-service package is a good solution if you think that your project is going to be a short lived, this is specially taken for the games that is only for two years.


  • It gives you less control over your development which is quite frustrating sometimes only features and data are under your control.
  • It is quite impossible for the minor changes to be done with the third party backend you can’t increase performance or reduce response time in most of the cases when BaaS is used.
  • This can be the case that the logic of your business is too complex for the standard BaaS and you need more complex calculation which will make your vendor stuck if he doesn’t have enough power.
  • If security is your main concern of the software than do not use BaaS is not the solution, if you need to send important messages using cryptographic or any personal or financial information than you should only use custom backend that’s fully yours.

Even if you take Backend-as-a-service as a good consideration than at least gives a thought to it. And take time to talk to the application development company, as it will guide you better.

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