It Was Merriest Christmas For Apple

Apple-Christmas-ListIn the beginning of this year we were all sure about Apple not being to stand without its magician Steve Jobs, almost all analytics were giving some indications that it will be doomed in the end of this year or probably not going to stand the tough competitors and hungry consumers or any of these cruel worlds have. But they were all very wrong.

On this holiday season Apple has the most device activation number than any of the other competitors. As per stats the following week of Christmas the activation rate of Apple’s reached 150% more than the previous week. These stats were carried out by the numbers of social network apps downloaded on the devices. Like number of Facebook, Instagram and twitter apps downloaded on the devices were exceeding to a great speed and they reached on top on the day of Christmas.

So Apple’s devices lead with 51% than other companies, like Samsung came second with only 17% and on the third place with only 5.2 % others were quite left behind but other two mention-able companies are Sony on the fourth and LG on fifth place, two third of these devices are middle size smartphones. To be exact for every Samsung device activation Apple activated 2.8 and for every Microsoft’s, Apple activated 8.8 devices, and these are quite crazy numbers considering to the start it had in the beginning of the previous year.

Somehow apple manage to shut up all those furies which were thrown at them in the start and it turn out to be a great year for them, well kind of amazing year with iPhone 6 and apple pay they really managed to surf out the giant waves.

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