Google And Twitter Reportedly Strike A Deal Again!

twitter-bird-googleIt seems like tweets have made their way back to Google search engine result again!! And this is going to happen really soon. Back in 2009 they both have signed a deal but it wasn’t renew in 2011 and since then Google lost the privileged of showing related tweets in its results.

On the other hand both opponents, Bing and Yahoo were enjoying this tweet flavor and Google has to crawl through twitter which is quite a time taking process and took long in doing but now big G has access to twitter’s data “fire horse” again. Relying on sources talks are that this partnership is not any advertisement based but Google has to pay “license data revenue” and no advertisement revenue. This partnership seems quite significant due to many reasons. Plus what I have heard twitter is trying to push its boundaries with advertisement made it available for Yahoo Japan and Flip board, making its tweets available for third party app, and keen to increase number of visitors on its website who are not registered users. Revenue line was marked up with an increase from 16 million dollar to 41 million in previous year and with Google on board this is surely to rise.

This is going to bring hell loads of benefits to twitter but I wonder what be left for our “G”, tweets being showed in the widely used search engine all over the world not just in US will definitely increase traffic on twitter’s site and app both.

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