Microsoft Going To Be Leading iOS And Android Developer

Microsoft_New_LogoI must say the mind behind Microsoft is being really creative and innovative, and clearly now they are getting with the pace. Microsoft agenda is on super high volume and we going to hear it everywhere. This happens when just lately Microsoft landed a major update of Office 365 and pulling it as Android and iOS app development, which runs buttery smooth and has numbers of amazing features.

Then we hears the words about they might acquire a popular iOS and Android app for calendar “sunrise”, and what about their Outlook email app for both the platforms and that’s not it, we know company even owns Skype which also present on both OS and running as an one of the successful communication app developments, and what else? It also offers SmartGlass which enable elements of Xbox on iPhone. They are very much keen and take this post desktop age very seriously. After the free launch of Windows 10, they are trying to be everywhere with the moto of “Microsoft everywhere”, in the market acquiring applications or even developing some of its own for both of major platforms.

I even mention that Microsoft is, in plans of making smart phones with Android as operating software and things seems like before even coming to the platform they want to be a pro Android app developer so they can develop applications and when you are targeting one OS you just can’t ignore the other one. Plus all the news that revolve around previous week about company being a key investor in Android fork software Cyanogen. Mod were quite alerting too. Simply putting it is that there isn’t anything they don’t to attempt and seriously Microsoft is trying its luck everywhere apart from desktop.

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