They Might Think Of Fixing This Only Announce In Android 5.0

Android-5.0-Music-Widget-ClosedLollipop is being very slow on the adoption rate and only a small fraction of people uses lollipop but those who uses were easily irritated by only irritating feature of lack of feature to be precised.

That is no silent mode in the latest android; there are other variations but no proper silent mode which was present in older androids they do offer similar functionality but as accurate as the previous one was, as when you put your phone on silent mode the screen wont blink, as it used to happen before this Lollipop came in, and the screen won’t light up when you will have any notification. And there are chances and quite close one that with the new update for OS 5.0 which is going to break out in a while Google may introduce the old silent version, which the company now being testing according to the sources.

This update will come with the android one phone which are going to out in Indonesia and will also be available for Google nexus devices. There are reports that they have fixed many of the other, users were facing like in some phones there was this weird sound problems and color palette is changed to. Finally I hope lollipop get far with the users and they feel good difference using it. Google has been very innovative with Android, even the car is coming out soon. Let’s hope for the best.

Phone: (650) 989-4492
Address: 11907 NORTH GARDEN ST, HOUSTON TX 77071

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