How To Use Apple’s New Security Feature

iPhone-6-Security-LargeLast week Apple told us that they are offering a new security feature for FaceTime and Messages. The new feature includes a onetime asked live code which would be needed whenever login in on an Apple device. The code is set by you but messaged by the company; umm this is going to be a little difficult for the people who have trouble in remembering passwords, but security worth everything.

This is going to be really efficient especially if you are all over Apple user. It will not only give you more power over your devices but also to all the iOS app developments on your gadgets. If you are thinking that the hacker won’t be interested in my messages, should I really make so much effort? So think about the fact that your messages contain many things which you won’t discuss with any third person, secondly your devices worth this much hassle. You will get a message whenever somebody is trying to invade any of your Apple Devices. But this will obviously work when you are all over Apple user and your iCloud id is the key.

To set up the code you need to head up to your Apple ID page and log in, from there just check password and security page, and you will see the instruction for setting up the new feature, you will need a device where you can send the code, you can also have Apple to generate an app specific code for other iOS apps like mails and calendar or others. This new security feature is really helpful and would keep the invaders at bay.

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