Backend As Services: A Hit Or Miss

backend-icon-215The backend is needed as a back bone of any mobile application, it’s like something every important but can’t be seen, this sort of development requires hell loads of time, but this is the main frame which has all the data, information and every possible detail and logics needed by the application. Many of the start ups and businesses uses custom made development solution made by their developers or ready-made solutions, but most of the people uses a popular alternative that is “backend-as-a-services”, which provides a pre-built back end APIs, so that developers can conduct data modeling of application and specify it in back end-as-a-services aka BaaS. Continue reading


Sad That Windows 7 Free Supports Ends Now

Windows_7_logoIf you are using windows 7 and your computer was running perfectly on windows 7 but alas yesterday was Jan 13th that means Microsoft has stopped the free support. It doesn’t mean that your computer will abruptly stop function and it will crash but surely you aren’t going to supplied by free support and help if occurs any problem, which was offered by Microsoft. Continue reading

You Can Escape On Your Work With Facebook At Work

Facebook at workAlmost 6 months ago Facebook shows some intentions to build something for people at work. This social network wanted to expand its hand to businesses and entrepreneur but there is something similar to its version present already for entrepreneur like Jive, Social cast and Yammer (which now a part of Microsoft). Entrepreneur category is already present with us from past decade trying a little hard for them to embrace social networking. Continue reading

No Kidding! Facebook’s WhatsApp Has A Desktop Version Now!!

WhatsappUndoubtedly you are one of the 600 million users of WhatsApp, and here is very good news for you, WhatsApp has a desktop version. There is definitely a new way of messaging to your pals without hanging on your phone and desperate for Wi-Fi connection going anywhere. This is like awesome news and made my day. Continue reading

What Apple Offers In Terms Of Apple’s Home Kit ?

With every one diving into the business of internet of thing and trying to win the newly began race, things are seemed to be pretty heated with Google, Samsung and Apple playing neck to neck. The last week Apple missed the annual gadget and its absence was felt by us in many ways. Many of the companies have made products integrated with Apple home kit. Continue reading

Three Ways To Find The Viability Of Your App

You have this amazing idea for and mobile development and you are all set to jump into development process, done with all documentation and find your perfect software company to get it done. But before everything you should check the viability of your idea, do you think people will just love to get their hands on your creation and what about the market research? You need to get your facts rights before any first option. Continue reading

App Store Optimization The Antidote To Zombie Apps

app-store-iconOn a rough estimate there are almost 90 % new publishers every day on the app stores, can you guess how many apps are built every day? I surely don’t know the exact number but it is quite a big number. With this percentage of new apps I wonder how many are reached out to the users and how many are dumped in apps stores with not even a single downloads? Continue reading