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Don’t Make Your Application To Get Covered In Piles Of Dusts

client-mobile-appYou have a clear idea now that how popular mobile phones are these days like every single thing is on the phone. Like “EVERYTHING” and applications have taken the form of a storm the app stores are flooded with them, in such a condition you have to take serious majors for enhancing the life cycle of your development. Continue reading


Biggest Update Of Android Coming To Samsung Flagship Phone

Samsung-Experience-CornerGoogle blessed us this year with the best ever Android version. This was the one we were all waiting for and for quite a long Google was due to this update. As the version screens out we all were eager to use it on our phone. Same is the case with the Samsung flag ship phone users; Samsung is always the last one to introduce its phone with latest updates.

But this time as the world is going crazy about the best ever Android version, Samsung find it quite foolish to let its users wait and finally we will see Lollipop coming to some great Phones like S series, note 4, Note 3 and nexus series. Lollipop has some major material designs and APIs changes, with some good added features like extra battery time and guest profile and more manageable notification. But the question is how it will look on Samsung Phones. This is a great opportunity for all the Android app developers as there will be enormous number of Android phone users in 2015. The greater the number of users the greater would be the number of applications. Google has always kept Android app development as an open platform but by this growth factor it will attract more of the developer bees on this sweet nectar.

The possibilities are Samsung might releases the update in its home i.e. South Korea and the second stop would be Europe and then the last will be US. It generally takes much longer for the update to arrive in US as the carriers have to approve the updates after the manufacture is done with the preparation of the OS for their devices. Certainly in early 2015 most of the Android Phones will be running on the latest version.

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