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They Might Think Of Fixing This Only Announce In Android 5.0

Android-5.0-Music-Widget-ClosedLollipop is being very slow on the adoption rate and only a small fraction of people uses lollipop but those who uses were easily irritated by only irritating feature of lack of feature to be precised. Continue reading


Google And Twitter Reportedly Strike A Deal Again!

twitter-bird-googleIt seems like tweets have made their way back to Google search engine result again!! And this is going to happen really soon. Back in 2009 they both have signed a deal but it wasn’t renew in 2011 and since then Google lost the privileged of showing related tweets in its results. Continue reading

Google Blocked Almost Thousand Of WordPress Websites Surrounded By Malware Campaign

soaksoakMany of the WordPress websites were amid by malware and because of such vulnerability Google has to block them. According to security company Sucuri as much as 1100 WordPress domain were infected by this malware causing damage to almost 100,000 websites. Google has blacklisted those domains and blocked the websites to avoid further damage. This malware campaign is from SaokSoak.ru. Continue reading